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Three reasons why we join in with #MidlandsHour, it's the perfect way to meet new businesses on twitter, it's free which is amazing, and the midlands is a great place to have a business right now, looking forward to learning more about you too

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In a little over 12 days from posting our first tweet with #MidlandsHour we now have a business. Our engagement went through the roof, it was more than likes and shares from their followers, it was the quality of the network that #MidlandsHour opened up for us. As a start-up business this was invaluable, as we attracted influencers, bloggers and the real big news is that a Michelin Star restaurant approached us to cook for them. Wow. #MidlandsHour is a key networking hub if you want to be a successful
business in the Midlands.


totally stoked to have a spot this month in the explosive engineers publication, centred around our capabilities in this space #MidlandsHour 🀟🏼

whether it’s power station demolition or football grounds (or anything in between) we can capture it from the air πŸšπŸ“ΈπŸŽ₯

From the Accutranslate Blog: find out how we work with footballers and clubs, providing a specialist language service at home and away - https://bit.ly/3fqNkAP ⚽️⚽️⚽️


I just want to express my thanks to those folks that have lent their support in whatever way to get http://www.bee-plus.org off the ground. The proof readers & testers #midlandshour #staffordshirehour #cardiffhour #malvernhillshour +Mrs Bee Farmer cos she is a star

There - done it ! http://Bee-Plus.org Learn to keep bees via an on-line course with the Bee Farmer. Start you journey in #beekeeping in ten minutes Pls like & retweet #beekeeping #midlandshour #staffordshirehour #malvernhillshour #cardiffhour