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Three reasons why we join in with #MidlandsHour, it's the perfect way to meet new businesses on twitter, it's free which is amazing, and the midlands is a great place to have a business right now, looking forward to learning more about you too

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In a little over 12 days from posting our first tweet with #MidlandsHour we now have a business. Our engagement went through the roof, it was more than likes and shares from their followers, it was the quality of the network that #MidlandsHour opened up for us. As a start-up business this was invaluable, as we attracted influencers, bloggers and the real big news is that a Michelin Star restaurant approached us to cook for them. Wow. #MidlandsHour is a key networking hub if you want to be a successful
business in the Midlands.


We work hard to protect hedgehogs, their habitats and the river corridors that provide important places of safety in urban areas. You can help too, and there's no better time to start than #HedgehogWeek @MidlandsHour #MidlandsHour https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/sites/default/files/2018-05/WAG%20get%20creative%20for%20hedgehogs.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0EVCM8zFoVzPPC9YTFIiB_xqp96FQYl9Z5DBIaj_o6sBaouxnjZhFRFrk

Get fired up for porcelain at The Museum of Royal Worcester https://kingfishervisitorguides.com/features/get-fired-up-for-porcelain-at-the-museum-of-royal-worcester/ Thrilled to feature in this guide uncovering the extraordinary stories behind one of England’s largest and finest collections of porcelain @TheMoRW #wmidshr #Midlandshour #gloshour #shropshirehour

#MidlandsHour Are you an SME Manufacturer looking to grow your business?
Click the link to see if you are eligible for grant funding & free business support! https://www.manufacturinggrowthprogramme.co.uk/apply/
#Manufacturing #BusinessSupport #GrantFunding

Hump day quiz! We recently planted a host of native ground flora to help increase biodiversity in the woodlands. Can you name the species? Have you seen any when you've been out and about?@MidlandsHour #MidlandsHour

Stressful day? Take time to recover and get back to your grounded (meaning #Calm) self. Get in touch to learn how I've used #Hypnosis to help. FREE no-obligation initial chat. #MidlandsHour

We can deliver almost any form of digital marketing from Twitter to Instagram, we also have fixed-rate #Marketing packages to cover all the essentials.
Get in touch to arrange your free consultation.
#GlosHour #SMESupportHour #MidlandsHour

Good Evening #MidlandsHour

Great to join you again tonight. I'm Paul, the owner of Coolgoldfish Designs, a graphic design business....with a little bit of a twist (but we'll have to chat if you want to know more about that twist)

Let's have a great interactive hour together!