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Three reasons why we join in with #MidlandsHour, it's the perfect way to meet new businesses on twitter, it's free which is amazing, and the midlands is a great place to have a business right now, looking forward to learning more about you too

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In a little over 12 days from posting our first tweet with #MidlandsHour we now have a business. Our engagement went through the roof, it was more than likes and shares from their followers, it was the quality of the network that #MidlandsHour opened up for us. As a start-up business this was invaluable, as we attracted influencers, bloggers and the real big news is that a Michelin Star restaurant approached us to cook for them. Wow. #MidlandsHour is a key networking hub if you want to be a successful
business in the Midlands.


Lots of our clients get #Videos as part of their #Marketing package, with options to get all the video and images needed for a lot less than you might think, we can provide everything you need #MidlandsHour
Talk to us at > https://togethermarketing.co.uk/

Hey #midlandshour
We’re SO flippin excited to be here this evening! We’re new to Twitter and we’re available for events! But most importantly we want to know what’s your favourite crepe filling? 🤔#sweet #savoury
#crepekingdom #crepe #crepes #frenchcrepes #crepelover

Hi all on #MidlandsHour tonight, when we check your roof we will always highlight if a roof can be economically repaired rather than replaced, need a trustworthy #Solihull #RoofingCompany, then visit http://restellroofingcontractors.co.uk/ or call 0800 002 9386

Do you provide mobile phones for staff, or are you happy for them to use their own? There are lots of benefits to supplying mobiles specifically for work, as our latest blog explores https://tritontelecom.co.uk/why-you-should-consider-business-mobile-phones/ @MidlandsHour #MidlandsHour

This week, our leadership model of the week is The Seven Dimensions of Trust.

If you were to pause and assess leadership in your organisation using these seven dimensions of trust, what would be revealed?



#MidlandsHour sign up now for a brand new course of online Pilates for Beginners! Classes start this Friday! Find out more: https://halophysio.co.uk/online-pilates-classes-julyaugust-2021/

At Telephone Europe, our Business IT Support will allow you to hand over the IT hassle, our technology can become an asset to your business by increasing efficiencies and productivity. Just talk to one of our experts today by getting in contact! #Midlandshour